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Spiritual Art

Spiritual Art Through the Looking Glass

Paula Goodbar is a spiritual artist who sees the world through a unique, surreal lens. By blending vibrant colors and dreamlike imagery, she creates art that captures the spiritual essence of the natural world. Goodbar's work often features gorgeous nature scenes. Her hope is that her art will help people to connect with their own inner wisdom and find peace and harmony in their lives.

One of the things that makes Goodbar's art so special is her ability to infuse it with her own spirituality. She believes that we all have an inner wisdom that can be accessed through art. By creating art that features beautiful natural scenes, she provides us with a window into this hidden world. Through her artwork, we can catch a glimpse of the beauty and wonder that lies within us all.

In a world that can be chaotic and overwhelming, Goodbar's spiritual art provides a welcome respite. By taking a moment to appreciate her art, we can all find a sense of calm and balance in our busy lives. Thanks for sharing your beautiful spiritual art with us, Paula!

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