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Paula Goodbar - Photography that Inspires & Empowers

Paula Goodbar Art
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Paula Goodbar is a photo based surrealist who always knew she wanted to be an artist but was told at a young age that she needed to learn to color inside the lines. That didn't work out so well. She was in her teens when realizing she saw the world in photographic frames. She bought her first 35mm camera when she was 16 and from that point, through most of her adult life, she could be found behind the lens.


Paula worked in the corporate world and raised two daughters while photographing weddings and portraits on the side until she was able to take the leap of becoming a full-time photographer.

Paula and her husband moved to Oregon in 2006 where she opened a portrait studio. When the recession impacted her business she decided not to continue and turned her focus to her art. It was at this time she also became an arts advocate and started a non-profit that put art in vacant storefronts. She later became Executive Director of an Art Center for 5 years before deciding to become a full-time artist.

In January of 2020, Paula was selected to participate in the “31 Women Artists” show in Sedona, AZ. It was a celebration of the original exhibition of 31 women surrealists in 1943.

Paula's art is inspired from dreams, meditations, music and nature. Her objective is to create a bridge from the day to day realities to a spiritual connection that will offer peace, empowerment and inspiration. She does not stay on the surface of a subject. She dives in to get beneath the obvious to discover the essence of each idea. Her art is a way for her to throw light into the darkness to invite exploration and to create a connection with the viewer. 


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