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Paula Goodbar
Photo Surrealist

Exploring the Subconscious

Paula Goodbar is a photo surrealist artist who creates dreamlike images to transport the viewer into another reality. 

Paula is heavily influenced by her dreams and Jungian work in exploring the subconscious mind. She is an avid reader and has created many pieces of art that reflect something that was inspired by written words on the page of a book. 

Her art is also influenced by the work of many surrealists that include Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo and Dorothea Tanning. Paula was selected to participate in Sedona Art Museum's, 31 Women Artists in January 2020. She and 30 other surrealists were able to have their art seen along with Leonora Carrington and Dorothea Tanning's art. It was a true honor for her to be included in an amazing showcase of women surrealists.


Goodbar begins her creative process with one of her photographic images. She sorts through her thousands of digital files and chooses one that seems to be calling for her attention. Once she gets the main subject, she then sorts through again looking for a background and other elements needed to create what she sees in her imagination. That's when the magic begins to take shape. She adds tones, hues, lighting, and other digital techniques to create an image that defies reality and conveys a story. 

Whether she's depicting a fantastical landscape or a whimsical creature, Goodbar's art always evokes a sense of wonder and amazement. For those who appreciate the surreal and the strange, Paula Goodbar's art is sure to delight and inspire.

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