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Spring Cleaning for Creativity

A Sign of Spring

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we get very excited if we have a sunny day in March. Once we begin to notice the buds turning into blossoms, all sorts of celebration occurs. Everyone is outside enjoying every glorious moment before we start to dig into the annual cleaning up of homes and gardens.

This event made me think about checking in with myself to see how and if I have been following through with my yearly creative intentions set in early January. Yes, I actually make a list and refer to it every few months. I got tired of writing the very same intentions year after year.

I keep an accountability calendar that helps me align my priorities. It is only for my creative endeavors and goals and now it's time to sit myself down for a good talking to and see why I haven't been sticking to the plan. I take a good, serious look at it all and figure out what are the distractions that keep me from accomplishing the goals I set for myself.

It usually is just me trying to distract from what I really want to do. It's easier to do the chores that never end or spend way too much time on social media while trying to justify it as promotion.

The funny thing is that the one physical space that actually could use a good spring cleaning is my studio! I let things pile up around me as I work on several projects at once and don't take the time to organize everything. That tends to leave me feeling quite scattered whenever I come in to create art.

So, how does one spring clean for creativity?

1) First turn your attention inward - Review your creative intentions for this year. Change them up if needed. Determine your blocks and keep focused. Clean out the things that don't serve you.

2) Clean your studio - Organize it to be more efficient. Create an atmosphere that beckons you to come inside and play. - Short on space? - Find a comfortable spot anywhere in your home and get a table or use the dining room table. Put on your favorite music, gather your supplies and go.

3) Lose the excuses! You know what I'm talking about. The excuses of having too many chores to do, wasting time, anything that keeps you from your art that you can live without.

4) Trust your inner voice and be true to yourself. You can do this!

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