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Brighter Days

Sitting by the window and staring outside as rain falls this morning. I'm in a state of disbelief that it's already the end of the first month of 2021. We were all so ready to get rid of the past year and have that chance to start over and yet the weight of the past year still weighs upon all of us.

I have been more motivated this month. I have been creating, as always, and following my morning routine on most days. I am exercising more and eating healthy most of the time and really trying to stay positive and make the best out of this pandemic time at home. And yet, that sense of longing for the way we were just about this time last year weighs heavily.

It's the rain that makes that longing more intense. The longing for friends and family, hugs, excitement of new art shows opening, schmoozing and laughing, going to concerts, plays, movies and ballets and just being around people with shared interests.

Zoom meetings and webinars really don't do it for me. I find myself looking at little notes on my desk or staring out the window and sometimes, I have to admit, I look at my phone and miss whatever it was I had wanted to learn.

The positive side is that I have really gotten to know myself. I have learned how to motivate myself by making lists in my accountability calendar. I have also learned that I will get to whatever it is I set out to do. It may take a little longer than I intended but I do get to it. I have also learned to practice gratitude on a daily basis. There may be dark days but there is always something I can find for which I am grateful and part of my gratefulness is for you. Those of you that look at my art and read my words. Those of you that help support my creative endeavors and tell me how much the art I create touches you. Those of you that purchase my art to keep as a gift to yourself or for someone else. Thank you!

After all, I wouldn't be here if I didn't feel that I had something to offer. At this time, I want to offer hope. It is slowly getting brighter as we drop all of the excess baggage that we don't need to carry anymore and venture towards a brighter day.

Please share what keeps you going toward achieving your goals.

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1 Comment

Wally Bornmann
Wally Bornmann
Jan 28, 2021

You describe what I've been unable to voice, a heaviness that lingers.

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