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Getting to the Other Side

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

The past few weeks have provided a plethora of creative inspirations and as the result, new art. My mind has been filled with ideas inspired by current events, dreams, books. weather and other artists. I think it's also a result of Spring bringing flowers and hope as we moved from the barricades of being indoors to going outside and exploring once again. There has been a sense of renewal and excitement as doors opened and people could gather, laugh and exchange hugs and ideas.

I was able to have a local art show and share some of my new art after more than a year of not having our local art walk. I was so honored to have been included in the first one of our 2021 season. The doors opened and excited, happy people were coming into the shop to talk to me and look at the art. Everyone was so happy to be able to go out and see friends they haven't seen in a long time and support the local businesses and artists. I think I may have been floating on happiness for at least a week.

Earlier in the year, there were times where I was feeling stagnant even though I was still going into my studio at least 5 days a week and working on new art. The muse would be hiding and didn't feel like coming out to play on some days but I persevered a little at a time until a piece would come together.

I realized that it was due to not being able to have an actual, physical show of art. I was missing the human interaction. I was creating in a digital world and ordering a few prints here and there, watching as they stacked up around the studio without anywhere to go and without anyone to experience the actual printed art.

I had participated in a digital art show where the juried art of mine was lost in the hundreds of other works viewed only on computer monitors. After paying a submission fee and feeling ripped off I decided that was the first and last time I will enter an online art show.

There is an exchange of energy between the art, artist and viewer in an actual setting. The viewer can observe the colors, textures and energy of the art as well as imagine what it will look like when they take it home or give as a gift. The artist can share with them how they were feeling when they were creating it and tell the story behind it and give the viewer a stronger connection to the piece.

That's the magic of art fairs, festivals and art gallery receptions. The audience is engaged with the creator of the art as well as feeling the energy from the art. It's a palpable connection between the three and that has been the missing piece for the last year.

I have another art show scheduled in August and I have been feeling extremely giddy over it. I will be having a solo show in the upstairs gallery at Emerald Art Center in Springfield. It's a huge space and I get to fill it up with the stacks that I already have while adding some new prints to be exhibited. My mind is excited and busy coming up with ideas for hanging it, presentation, labels and possibly creating a catalog.

I don't feel like I am walking in mud anymore. It's been one foot in front of the other and now I can sprint toward the other side and continue to follow my dream as an artist.

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