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Introducing "Emerge," a mesmerizing and thought-provoking surreal photo composite by photosurrealist, Paula Goodbar. In this captivating artwork, a beautiful young woman gazes downwards, her body partially bound by a cage, symbolizing the confinement and limitations she faces. Strikingly, a butterfly sits on her head like a delicate and unconventional hairpiece, and blue lights dangle from her ears, creating an ethereal and dreamlike atmosphere. The background features haunting shadows of people, adding an apocalyptic quality to the image, while also hinting at the presence of unseen forces. "Emerge" invites viewers to ponder themes of liberation, defiance, and the breaking of boundaries, making it a compelling and intriguing addition to any art collection. This is #1 in a limited edition of 25 printed directly to aluminun dibold giving it a soft sheen and adding durability.


    ©2023,Paula Goodbar
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