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Step into a surreal world with "The New Normal Pt. 2" - a captivating photo composite that takes a whimsical look at the very real threat of climate change. In this thought-provoking piece, a ballerina dons a diving helmet while gracefully holding an umbrella, creating a mesmerizing juxtaposition of elegance and survival. Meanwhile, a figure wearing a gas mask beckons the viewer into a strange and scary world, inviting us to contemplate the consequences of a changing planet. This fine art piece challenges our perception of reality and sparks important conversations about the future of our environment. Add a touch of surrealism to your space with "The New Normal Pt. 2" and inspire meaningful reflections on the world around us. This is a 16"x16" framed print on aluminum dibold and is #1 in a Limited Edition of 25. Free shipping in the continental U.S.


The New Normal Pt. 2

    ©2023,Paula Goodbar
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