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Daily Practice

The thing about something called a daily practice is that one should be doing this on a daily basis. Some weeks are better than others for my daily practice of going through my photo files and determining what my subconscious may be trying to tell me.

I wander through all sorts of imagery until something speaks to me. It always relates to something that I am feeling and may not be aware of what may be churning internally.

Redemption Part III spoke to me today. I sit here trying to figure out exactly what this image is telling me this morning and I've come up with the idea of keeping the negative thoughts outside and not letting them seep into my day.

The two figures in the forefront appear to be student and teacher with other obscured figures trying to see what is on the other side of the window. The student is intently listening to the teacher illuminated by an overhead light. The teacher is holding something that the student needs to see while the others are outside not able to see within.

Yeah, that's my story today. Creating some type of daily practice that connects you to your true self helps expand possibilities. Now, if I could only practice what I encourage others to do.

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