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Pondering Possibilities

Pondering Possibilities

Doubts and fears slipping from my shoulders

melting away

Shadows of past illusions falling


Golden light beckons with promises

fulfilling dreams

There are so many times in our lives when we need to consider making changes to improve ourselves and our time on this planet. It all passes before us and the older we get, the faster it goes.

I take time for personal retreats where I spend time in nature to think, get my head on straight, to breathe deeply and most importantly, to take time without rushing. Unplug from computers and phones and just be where I am. It's the be here now thing where I can think my thoughts and not be distracted.

I work hard at distracting myself from my art and from any real issues. I know I need to look at what holds me back but find myself staring at FaceBook or cleaning the house, reading a magazine, watching a movie, anything except facing a blank computer screen or canvas or facing myself.

It's that fear thing that prevents us from following our dreams. The idea of what to do with ourselves and/or a blank canvas or blank page scares us. There isn't anyone to hold accountable other than ourselves and what if we try and it doesn't work? What if we fail? It pops up like the devil on your shoulder to talk you out of whatever you may want to do to make your dream possible.

I'm practicing to stay facing forward. I'm digging my heels into the ground as I ponder possibilities and I hope to inspire you to do the same. Take that time to do something only for you and stay in the now. Take steps slowly and carefully that move you and your dream forward and ponder your possibilities.

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