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Finding Stillness

A photographic trip to the sand dunes just south of Florence, OR, is always quite the work-out. It's a physical, mental and spiritual journey as I walk with intention to get from one hill to another without sliding backwards and losing hard earned ground. Small details catch my attention in a landscape that looks soft and magical and yet is extremely harsh. It's easy to get a bit disoriented as I wander up one dune and down into a valley of sand to climb another massive dune unable to see anything other than the sand, plants that have found ways to stand their ground in harsh conditions and a few footprints from man and animals that have not yet been swept away in the wind.

There is a peacefulness that surrounds me as I stand rooted in my one spot with only the sound of the wind and the ocean in the background. A deep breath as I look through my viewfinder to compose the stillness that I am feeling and click the shutter. It's a moment where I feel connected and part of nature.

It's imperative that as an artist I find this time. The time to be still and be connected in that moment. It creates a natural synergy where every part of me is alive as is the scene I capture. It's a moving meditation that will settle the chaos that can surround me on most days.

These moments of stillness provide a much needed respite to help re-charge mind, body and soul. This creates more energy to be used in a purposeful way in creating art and in giving of myself through my art.

Take the time to give yourself the opportunity to find stillness in nature and carry that back with you in your heart and share with others through your art.

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