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An Artist's Heart and Soul

Finding Self

A number of years ago, I was having a conversation with a gallery director about an artist whose work I admired. I was surprised that this artist had not been chosen to participate in a particular gallery show where I had been chosen and attending the opening reception.

At that time I was beginning to show my work in galleries other than a local co-op and was always feeling less than confident whenever I attended any opening receptions. The director looked me right in the eyes and told me that the art he had not chosen did not mean anything to him. It was void of emotion. It had technique and style but there wasn't anything else there. He said he wanted to show art that would elicit some type of emotion and then he added that my art always came from my heart and soul. I have to say that I almost fell over from that astute observation. I had not ever thought about my work that way. I knew I created from my emotions and every image meant something to me. It has always been an objective of mine that someone would relate and could understand what it was I was trying to express. I'm never quite aware of where it comes from until my piece has been completed. It doesn't matter if it is simply a fun collage I decide to create, an abstract painting, a digital composite from collections of photographs or even a photograph without anything manipulated. It all comes from my subconscious.

I don't know what I have actually expressed until I step back and look at the finished product. I can go into a piece with an idea and intention but when it is finished, I ask myself, did I dig deep enough? Am I being honest with myself? Is it real? What does it tell me about myself?

It's always nice to create some art that doesn't require every ounce of passion to bring it into existence; however, art that makes an emotional connection unites us. It can create an understanding and a knowing that none of us are alone. It can open minds and hearts into acceptance as we engage in an inner and outer dialog that is more than, that's pretty.

Take the risk and truly express yourself through your art. Create art that matters.

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