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I created this image on the day of the anniversary of my birth. I felt like I had something stirring beneath the surface as I was beginning the start of this auspicious occasion. It was a groundswell of emotions that I was coming to terms with turning another year older.

I was running the phrase of aging gracefully through my mind on a somewhat never-ending loop. I kept asking myself if I felt like I was aging gracefully. The answer was hell no! I don't think there is anything graceful about getting older. I am fighting every single moment to not be someone lost in the misconception that at a certain age, you slow down or you can't do what you use to do.

I admit that I can't do splits anymore but I haven't practiced for at least 40 years. That's not a big surprise. I am staying active and doing things I have always loved doing and decided that while I am not aging gracefully, I am aging defiantly. I refuse to be stuck with a number that people use to define who I am and what I am capable of doing.

I am still chasing my crazy dream of being a successful artist. I enjoy my daily routine of going into my studio and creating art that comes from deep inside that reflects my emotions, dreams, and observations of the world we are living in. I'm grateful for every moment.

I will continue to refuse to be pigeon holed as to what anyone may expect. I never have accepted that mindset and I'm not going to start now. I will continue to face the storm by standing in defiance and creating art to empower and inspire others.

Please contact me if you are interested in prints of "Defiance"

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Catt Foy
Catt Foy
Mar 04, 2022

Stay defiant, my friend! I shall stand with you.

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