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Making My Day

"Making My Day" Limited Edition of 25

I have a morning routine that I usually do Monday through Friday and sometimes on the weekends. It begins with writing before I do some yoga and meditation. This always helps prepare me for the day by providing a strong foundation on which to build. I am able to let my mind and spirit work together and stay in the flow of whatever the day may bring. A few days ago, I was meditating and the realization came as a lightning bolt giving me an Aha! moment. I was in charge and I could create whatever kind of day I wanted, every day! I have the choice of deciding if I will allow to let outside influences get me caught in a web of never-ending political hyperbole, violence, climate change, etc... or make my day be whatever I want it to be.

That's an extremely powerful thought. I can choose to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders while feeling helpless or choose to do whatever I want to do. I can go into my studio and create my world and lose myself in the process. It's my space where I can get out of my head and into my heart and soul and give it wings to fly on its own. The gift is creating art that I can share while hoping others find a connection as they discover a place to explore and get lost in for as long as they choose.

This realization has carried itself into all aspects of my day-to-day life. I decided to change some things in my house that I didn't like into something I loved. I can create my safe haven from the noise of the outside world. I can pull weeds and plant flowers and cook a fabulous meal. Simple pleasures that help to enhance my world. I am noticing that while I am doing the things that are usually quite mundane and not my favorite way to spend time, I am staying positive and enjoying the results.

Why haven't I realized this before? It's easier to sit and fret and complain about what's wrong with the world. It takes work to create a world and I'm not talking about artistically but in the sense of making changes. I now find myself thinking about how I can make something better so I don't just complain or worry. It's so simple and obvious and yet I just now figured this out!

This is quite a simple fix to help improve the quality of life and I hope that I have saved you a few days, weeks or years in figuring it out yourself. You may have already figured it out but need a little reminder. You can choose to make your own reality.

This realization inspired the image I chose for this entry. I spent two days in the flow of creating a world of beauty as an artist imagined. Prints are available in a Limited Edition of 25.

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