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Misconception of Time

It may come as no surprise to those of you that follow my blogs that I tend to lose track of time. It never ceases to surprise, amaze and baffle me that before I know it more than a month has passed since my last attempt to write to you.

It's so easy to stay in my studio and create art. It's a much more attractive option compared to organizing my image files, sorting through the stack or stacks of paperwork that needs to find a place to be or be sent to the trash bin. It's also a lot more appealing than updating online sites and keeping track of analytics and all the things one must do to operate a small business as an artist.

My heart and my passion belong to the act of creating art. It is my daily priority to sit down and try to create something that I can feel trying to get out of my mind and heart and into the real world. I should say what we believe to be the real world but I will save that topic for another day.

I have realized that as I get older, I need to make the most of every single moment. My awareness finds me in awe at every sunrise, sunset and moonrise. I'm more tuned in to noticing the beauty that can be found almost everywhere. I'm finding myself behind the camera and capturing anything that may catch my imagination almost every day, capturing time.

This image, "Misconception of Time" is my 2nd version. I go through my images daily and sometimes I am drawn to one that I believed I had finished only to find out that I needed a little something more to finish the story and that's what happened to this one.

I wanted to add more mystery. I added an image I had of stained glass. You can see the lighting effect it added as well as the design in the dress that's in the foreground. I also added another butterfly to the foreground and the red circles in the back to give it more energy. Now, I can say that I am finished with this one and can move on.

This version has not been printed yet but check my shop in about 10 days and it should be available. In the meantime, I am having a Summer Print Sale through August 31st and if you are a subscriber, you can enter the code MEMBER for an additional 10% off.

I hope this moment will inspire you to enjoy every precious moment that summer offers.

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