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On the Wrong Track?

"Clara Suddenly Found Herself on the Wrong Track"

I love this image. It was inspired by the book, "The Last Days of New Paris". In this book, some characters were brought to life from the paintings of famous surrealists. These characters were called manifs, short for manifestations. They were diabolical characters without any human qualities.

I liked that concept and knew that I had to create my own. I named this image, "Clara Suddenly Found Herself on the Wrong Track".

I have found myself questioning if I had somehow gotten on the wrong track. Sales are down this year. I'm lacking the motivation and energy to get myself into the studio and create on an almost daily basis. My muse has been hiding in the same way I have been hiding. My get-up and go has gone. I guess that has gone into hiding too.

When I turned my accountability calendar to the new month of June, I decided it was time to change tracks. I was tired of seeing goals that I had hoped to achieve sit there still waiting to happen.

I have been dedicating this month to reevaluating everything I do as an artist. I'm calling it my 30-day reset as I determine which goals to let go of that have been on my list for way too long and I have lost interest in pursuing them. The action of clearing out the old and no longer useful go a long way in helping to shift energy. It allows new ideas and positive energy to replace the old and gets my imagination sparked and ready and working to create new art.

This process includes organizing my digital files, and clearing out old paperwork and notes that I don't have a clue what I was thinking when I wrote them. It also includes updating everything that needs to be updated digitally. I'm working on setting up some summer sales physically and online. I'm also checking out upcoming festivals to consider later this year and next.

I can feel that spark getting lit up again. I still have a lot of work to do to keep my muse amused and to keep me on track but finally getting back to the core reason of why I am an artist and why I create. It's all about sharing inspiration, emotion and connection with those that may be looking for something to help them stay on the right track.

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