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Taking a Closer Look

Spring is a very temperamental season in the Pacific Northwest. You can experience everything from hail to sunshine, rain, snow, and wind all within a short time of 5-10 minutes. It has finally decided to settle down a little and I can venture outside in the early mornings to watch the sunrise and enjoy listening to the birds.

I had just finished reading, Gathering Moss, by Robin Wall Kimmerer and was feeling inspired to take a closer look at the mysterious world of mosses. I wandered around the yard looking and admiring moss and other plants that were just beginning to bloom. My eyes kept following the light and then I noticed the beautiful curves of tulip leaves.

I grabbed my camera and knelt on the ground and got in as close as possible and started seeing the sensuous curves of the leaves as the light was illuminating them perfectly. I felt a sense of intimacy between the leaves as I continued to capture frames of the delicate dance happening between them. I knew immediately that what I wanted to convey would best be rendered in black and white. I was so excited that I ran to download them to get an even closer look.

I have always been attracted to the smaller details in nature. I enjoy looking at the vastness of gorgeous vistas in our landscape but I want to take a deeper look into the details. I want to take my time and get close to the subject. It's as if I am discovering secrets not always shared.

The daily chaos of life often takes us away from taking time to notice what nature has to share with us. I hope that you become inspired to take a moment or many moments and go explore the beauty that often goes unnoticed and unappreciated. You may be surprised at what you discover about

yourself as well as in your exploration of nature.

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