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The Fire Within

Today is the fourth of March and this is my first blog post for the year of 2023. I guess my resolution for being consistent with blogging isn't working. I understand that I can be quite a procrastinator as I continue to work toward improving on developing an actual routine for blogging.

I have been working toward many of the same goals I have written down at the beginning of each year for the past several years. Too many years to mention. This year I have been feeling a true sense of determination to make things happen. I began by clearing out the studio of things I don't need or use. They take up valuable space and the small studio felt too cluttered. It becomes a distraction whenever I come into my creative space to create art and start noticing everything that feels as if it is looming over me. It creates stagnation instead of sparking the imagination. Going through a pile of papers or looking at all of the handwritten notes and reminders I give myself steals quite a bit of time and energy. I much prefer the feeling I have whenever I come into my nice clean, open space where my muse enjoys a more fertile playground in my imagination.

I have been very busy creating art these last couple of months. I decided to photograph a couple of random objects in my world and see how I could transform them into a photo composite. "The Fire Within" is the result of using the head of my cello as inspiration. I used an image I photographed of the Painted Hills in Oregon as the background and a model before adding a layer from a photo of peeling paint that flows across the canvas.

I love my cello. I have been a beginning student for a very long time. It's one of those things in which I have procrastinated with practicing. That's why I will probably always be a beginner and I'm okay with that. I won't give up. I love the sound of the cello and every once in a while, it almost sounds like music. That's what keeps the fire within me burning. It stokes the fire of creativity. My passion for creating art touches many parts of my life.

I wanted to post this on March 4th because I love the idea of marching forth. I hope this post makes you think about your fire within and how you can keep it stoked as you march forth in this world.

Prints for "The Fire Within" are available by request.

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Catt Foy
Catt Foy
06 mar 2023

We're not procrastinating, we are percolating! Love this image.

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